As the shapes and sizes of guitar pedals have moved toward a more standardized form to accommodate players who use numerous pedals on carefully configured pedalboards, the volume and wah pedals occupy an awkward position. Literally. They come from a time before guitar pedals were even a thing—that rocker pedal design was originally for organ players, after all.

Until now, modern players who use volume and wah pedals had to account for a footprint that was increasingly out of step—*ahem*—with the rest of their setup. Thankfully, this dreadful dilemma is a thing of the past. Dunlop’s volume pedals and Cry Baby Wah pedals now come in three different sizes, so you can choose the one that’s right for your own situation. 

If you dig the original form of the rocker pedal with its familiar feel and footlong size, that’s lovely. But we now offer two additional sizes—the junior and the mini. Whether you’re playing the big stages, roughing it on the road from club to club, or woodshedding in front of a computer, we have what you need. 

So which is the one for you?

The standard size is about the length of your foot, best exemplified by the Cry Baby® Standard Wah and the Volume (X)™ Pedal. It’s a classic form preferred by many players for its familiar feel, and they’ll gladly give up the real estate for it. Especially if they have a large pedalboard or no board at all. If you’re just using two or three pedals laid out right on the floor, then you’re not as concerned about the size of your pedals or how they’re arranged.

The junior size is all about the pedalboard aficionados who keep a carefully curated stable of pedals. Each one has its place and purpose on the board, and efficient use of space is of utmost importance.

If you’re this type of player, you probably have Pedaltrain Metro Series pedalboard, or maybe one from their Classic, Novo, or Terra Series, or something similar in size and design. Junior-sized rocker pedals such as the Cry Baby® Junior Wah and the Volume (X)™8 Pedal are designed with a housing length that lines up perfectly with the routing spaces of those pedalboards, and all jacks are on the front of the pedal. This means that you can fit them right up next to your other pedals while keeping cables and cords organized and out of the way.

On top of that, the 8” length feels very similar underfoot to the standard-sized rocker pedals—so you’re not sacrificing that sense of familiarity.

The mini rocker pedals are for players who keep small travel boards or if you only use a wah or volume pedal every once in a while. The housings of the Cry Baby® Mini Wah and the Volume (X)™ Mini Pedal are around the size of an MXR pedal, so they’ll fit nicely among two or three other staples on a mini board, and they make for an easy swap on other boards so you don’t have to rearrange your whole layout for a weekend’s worth of gigs.

With three different rocker pedal sizes, you can now get the Cry Baby® Wah or a Volume (X)™ Pedal that perfectly fits your needs. Which is the one for you?