Whether you’re changing strings or adjusting a truss rod, learning how to keep your instrument in playing shape is one of the most important things a musician can do. Having the right tools on hand ensures that you do the job right while making it painless enough to incorporate into your routine. Not everyone has the level of skill or comfort when it comes to tinkering with their prized guitars and basses, though, and that’s why our System 65™ Care & Maintenance line offers an assortment of tool kits to meet your instrument care goals.

Here are three of our must haves.


The first step in the maintenance journey—the string change. It can feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to. The System 65 Complete Guitar & Bass String Change Tool Kit comes with everything you need to make every step of the process faster and easier, from removing strings and wiping down your fretboard to winding your tuning pegs and adjusting your action. It all comes in a compact carrying case that you can fit in your backpack or gig bag for string changes on the go.


When you feel like you’re ready to get to know your instrument even better, there’s the System 65 Complete Guitar & Bass Setup Tool Kit. It has all the same goodies as the String Change Tool Kit, but it also comes with several other tools to help you do everything from polishing your frets and tightening or removing hardware to checking neck relief and giving your instrument a quick clean and polish. And like the String Change Tool Kit, the Complete Setup Tool Kit comes in a convenient case so that you can keep it with you at all times.


If you’re looking to set up a proper work station, then the System 65 Complete Setup Tech Kit is the option for you. It comes with the System 65 Complete Guitar & Setup Tool Kit plus a suite of products perfectly suited to make the most of whatever surface you’re working on, whether it’s a bench in your garage or a coffee table in your living room. With a System 65 Neck Cradle, Setup Mat, and more, your instrument can kick back and let the TLC commence.

Which of these kits most fits your needs? Are you still acquainting yourself the string change routine, trying your hand at setup tinkering, or do you ease up to the work bench like a doctor at an operating table? Whatever your level of comfort and experience, having one of these kits is essential for obtaining the best in tone and playability from your instrument. Get your System 65™ Tool Kit today.