The power supply is the backbone of any pedalboard, and if you want the best possible playing experience, you need a power supply that fits your specific needs as a player. The good news is that MXR has you covered, no matter what your setup is. Let’s take a look at the MXR® Brick™ Series to see which power supply is right for you.

Choosing the right pick is crucial. It can make the difference between an amazing playing experience and a mediocre one. It can make the difference between a recording that pops and one that falls flat. There’s a whole world of picks out there that are made from different materials and in different shapes that can have wildly different effects on the way you play and what each note sounds like, and each of those picks is designed with a certain type of player and playing style in mind. Chances are there’s a pick out there that will help you play and sound like an even better version of yourself.

With so much variety, how do you begin your search? Well, we have several packs of picks available to help with just such an endeavor.