We’ve been exploring the possibilities of pick design since day one, always asking what else is possible and what more can be done to provide an improved playing experience. Tortex® Picks embody that pursuit—their bright, crisp attack and grip-enhancing matte surface are the result of a special treatment process painstakingly developed by Jim Dunlop more than 30 years ago. But we continue to ask what more is possible with Tortex Picks.

One way we’ve explored that question is through the expansion of available shapes. That’s because using a different shape can drastically change how a pick feels in your hands and interacts with your guitar strings. Today, Tortex Picks come in 13 different Tortex Pick shapes, more than any of our other pick lines. Here’s what each has to offer.


This is the Goldilocks pick shape. There’s something about the moderately rounded shoulders that feels just right, and the shape of the tip strikes the perfect balance between fullness and articulation.


This shape combines the bright snap of Tortex Picks with Flow Pick geometry, featuring a wide angle to focus your attack and a sharp tip for superior precision and articulation.


The Wedge shape takes the basic profile of the standard pick and widens the shoulders for extra gripping area and slightly sharpens the tip for increased precision.


This shape features much wider shoulders for even more surface to grab onto. It’s popular among bass players because of the extra control it provides against the much thicker strings of their instruments.


This shape offers that same control-enhancing profile of the regular triangle shape, but the shoulders are slightly rounder for a softer, mellower attack.


This shape feels familiar in the hand thanks to its Standard shoulder profile, but the tip is a whole ’nother story. Fang-like in its pointiness, the Sharp provides extreme precision and articulation.


This shape offers the same control as the Jazz III, but it has a broader tip for players who want warmer, beefier notes.


The Jazz III is tailor-made for technique. Its small profile allows you to grip closer to the tip for greater control and speed, and its sharp tip provides tonal definition and a quick release that also increases playing speed.


This is a larger version of the Jazz III shape. It provides more surface area to grab onto for the players who want it, but it’s still smaller than the Standard shape, so you can choke up for extra control as needed.


The TIII provides players with the familiar size and shoulder profile of the Standard shape, but its tip is modeled after that of the Jazz III for its famous speed, precision, and articulation.


The Small Teardrop is a classic pick shape with a lot of history. Its virtually shoulder-less profile makes it super easy to choke up as close as possible to its moderately sharp tip.


This shape takes the basic profile of the Small Teardrop and expands its surface for a larger, more rounded gripping area and tip.


This shape is for the experimental and adventurous players out there. Its multiple playing edges allow you to get a variety of different tones and textures from the bright, snappy sound of Tortex.