The Tortex Picks line just got the perfect pick shape for modern shredders. We borrowed the geometry of our Flow Pick, which was specifically designed to keep up with and complement the advanced technique of today’s most skilled players. To create the Flow Pick, we took a recently rediscovered pick design and used high-precision molding to add an enhanced beveled edge and a low-profile grip to capitalize on the control, precision, and articulation provided by its small profile, wide angle, and sharp tip. It has everything that players need to get to the next note with ease and speed.

The hugely positive response to the Flow Pick line prompted us to bring that shredder-friendly shape to Tortex Pick diehards. Where the original Flow Picks have beveled edges and low-profile grips, Tortex Flow Picks rely on the special mojo provided by the Tortex finishing process to complement the wide angle and sharp tip of the Flow shape. That means you get the famous Tortex edge—famous for its crunchy, aggressive attack—and a matte surface that provides just enough texture to grab onto.

The result melds the bright, snappy attack of Tortex Picks with the gliding fluidity of our Flow Picks so that you can dig in hard and play fast for the whole gig. The Tortex Flow Pick fits perfectly in the hand—whether you’re choking up for intricate passages or loosening up for fast rhythms—and its wide-angled sides naturally direct the tip to strike the string with the least amount of effort while transferring the maximum amount of energy into the string.

Tortex Flow Picks are comfortable to hold, play like butter, and give you that unmistakable Tortex tone. It’s a whole new experience for Tortex Pick diehards who love to shred.