Knowing how to set up and maintain your instrument is an important way to become more intimate not only with the instrument itself but also your sound and playing style. Any player can do it—all you need is the right tools for the job. We can help you out with that.

Our System 65 Tools offer just about everything a guitar or bass player needs for his work bench and gig bag. Whether you need to adjust something on the fly or have the time for a full setup, these tools will help you keep your instruments playing their best. Let’s take a quick setup tour to see just how helpful they can be.

First, you need a proper workspace. The System 65 Setup Mat makes for the perfect surface, as its made from no-mar neoprene with thick padding to protect your instrument. Next, you’ll need the Neck Cradle to prop up your instrument. Also padded with no-mar neoprene, the Neck Cradle rotates to provide full support to the back or front of your instrument’s neck and can accomodate a wide range of thicknesses. If you’re removing any parts, the Magnetic Parts Tray is a lifesaver to make sure you don’t lose any nuts or screws. For backstage maintenance and repairs, the System 65 Gig Light is an absolute necessity, featuring a beam that’s bright enough to be seen from up to 100 yards away, and it’s waterproof, so you don’t have worry about the odd beverage spilling on it.

A lot of setups begin with string removal. In those cases, use the System 65 String Cutter to get the job done fast and clean—it’ll cut through the thickest bass strings just as smoothly as it’ll cut through the thinnest guitar strings, and it’ll fit right in your gig bag so you always have it on hand.

With the strings off, it’s time to show your frets some love. If you don’t do so every now and then, they get all gritty and tacky under your fingers. That makes for a lame playing experience—don’t put up with that. The System 65 Fret Collar Kit makes polishing your frets super fast and easy while protecting your fingerboard at the same time. Just slip one of the fret collars over a fret, and use the included fret polishing cloth to remove gunk and bring back the nice, natural sheen of the metal. Most guitars and basses can be done in as little as 90 seconds.

After polishing your frets, use the System 65 Uni-Wrench to make sure all your jacks and switches are on tight. This handy little tool can adjust nearly every nut on your guitar or bass, even the round ones, thanks to the exceptional grip provided by its precision-tooled teeth.

Before you put some new strings on, grab the System 65 Superlube Gel Pen to make sure all your moving parts and nut slots are lubricated for improved tuning stability. With the flexible spatula tip, you can easily apply Superlube Gel where you need it—from saddles and nuts to string trees and tremolo parts—and the thick gel will stay put.

Restring your guitar—with help from the System 65 String Cutter, of course—and then tune up. Use the System 65 Action Gauge to check your string height, pickup height, and neck relief. It has both metric and standard units for precise measurements for the greatest playability.

The System 65 Screwdriver and Multi-Tool are both must-haves if you need to adjust neck tension and string height. The System 65 Multi-Tool is a screwdriver, socket wrench, and hex key all in one—features 9 hex key attachments (six metric, 3 standard), a Philips #1 screwdriver attachment, a 2.5mm flathead attachment, and an 8mm socket wrench attachment—while the Screwdriver comes with 4 different bits—2 Phillips-head, 2 flathead. Between the two, you should be able to adjust nearly any screw on your guitar or bass.

If you take your instrument on the same tour through our System 65 Tools collection, you’ll be all set for a great experience. Don’t be afraid to know your instrument inside and out—your playing will thank you for it.