We recently changed up the packaging for Dunlop Strings, so we thought we’d take a few minutes to show what that means for you as a Dunlop Strings user. And yeah, we’re just talking about packaging in this article, but we think that even the little things matter.

We’ll use a pack of Performance+ Strings to show what you can expect when you buy your next set of Dunlop Strings.

First, the box. Its thinner profile means less cardboard, and we think that’s a plus for the environment.

Next, we’ve changed up the labeling a bit to make it easier to identify your favorite set of strings. In the upper left-hand corner, you’ll find the alloy the strings are made from and the instrument they’re intended for. You can see in our example that Performance+ Strings are made from nickel wound steel for electric guitar.

In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see the gauge range, which is color-coded so that you can spot your favorite set at a glance. Here, you can see that our pack of Performance + Strings ranges from 10–46, a range that is indicated by the color red. If you want to check the individual gauges within the range, just flip the box over and check the upper left-hand corner.

Finally, there’s a perforated strip that allows you to easily tear the pack open and get to stringing up your instrument with a new set of strings.

On the inside, you’ll see that we’ve done away with envelopes—another plus for the environment. Dunlop Strings now come in a VCI-impregnated bag to preserve their freshness.

Printed on the bag is our new String Legend, which shows you how to identify each gauge by the color of its ball end.

We use a light-to-heavy Gold/Black/Silver system, so a six-string set will have Gold/Black/Silver/Gold/Black/Silver. A 4-string bass set will have Gold/Black/Silver/Gold, and so on.

We make Dunlop Strings at our String Lab in Benicia, California in limited batches, allowing us to stay focused on quality control. The Lab has expertly developed string recipes that fully demonstrate our vision of what a string should be. Our small team of guitar and bass players work with the finest musicians around the world to help us refine our work so that you can always expect a great set of strings, no matter what you play or how you play it. String up and focus on the performance.