Keep your instruments pristine with Dunlop’s Platinum 65™ Premium Care System of professional grade instrument care products. We took a cue from the automotive care industry, harnessing Montan wax—its latest innovation—as the Platinum 65 line’s key ingredient. Montan wax is a fossilized plant wax prized for its ease of use and deep glossy shine.

The Platinum 65 System optimizes Montan wax for the maintenance of musical instruments so that you can both clean your guitars or basses and dress them with a protective barrier. Platinum 65 products take less time and less effort than any other wax-based care product—there’s no need to wait for drying, and there’s no need to wear your arm out trying to even out the surface coating.

Platinum 65 care comes in two forms. For quick and easy everyday care, there’s the 1-step Cleaner-Polish. For weekly use, or whenever more thorough care is necessary, we recommend the Deep Clean and Spray Wax two-step process. Both Deep Clean and Spray Wax are silicone-free.

We put together a step-by-step process for applying care products to show how simple and effective the Platinum 65 Premium Care System is at cleaning and protecting your guitar.



Platinum 65 Cleaner-Polish is just its name says—a high quality two-in-one cleaner and polish that’s ideal for day to day maintenance of your guitar or bass. Let’s see how it works on this gunked up Les Paul.


First, take a clean, dry cloth such as the Platinum 65 Microfiber Cloth and spray 1 to 2 pumps of Cleaner-Polish onto it. Note: Do not spray Cleaner-Polish onto or around finish chips, cracks, or checking.


Next, wipe the cloth gently over the surface of your instrument and repeat as necessary until clean.


After you’ve gotten rid of the gunk, turn the cloth over to a clean, dry side and gently buff out your instrument’s surface until its nice and shiny.

CleanerPolish-CleanSee? Nice and shiny.

If you have to do a more thorough cleaning and a heavier polish, we suggest you try the two-step Deep Clean/Spray Wax process.



First, we’re going to clean the surface of our guitar with Platinum 65 Deep Clean. Once its gunk-free, we’ll give it a nice protective polish with Platinum 65 Spray Wax.


As we did with the Cleaner-Polish, spray 1 to 2 pumps of Deep Clean onto a clean, dry Platinum 65 Microfiber Cloth. Note: Likewise, do not spray Deep Clean onto or around finish chips, cracks, or checking.


Wipe gently to remove fingerprints and grime, repeating as necessary.


Now it’s time for Platinum 65 Spray Wax—spray 1-2 pumps directly onto a clean, dry Platinum 65 Microfiber Cloth. Gently buff your instrument to a nice glossy shine, turning the cloth as needed. Note: Again, don’t spray onto the surface of your instrument, especially if there are any finish cracks, chips, or checking.


And there you have it—ready for the showroom floor.

You can get Platinum 65 products by the individual bottle or in the following combo packs: the Platinum 65 Twin Pack includes Deep Clean, Spray Wax, and two Microfiber Cloths, while the Cleaner-Polish Pack features a bottle of Cleaner-Polish and a Microfiber Cloth.