The Bass Freq’s Podcast, hosted by experienced recording and touring bass player Josh Paul (Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Daughtry), features in-depth discussions with some of the top bassists working today. 

Becoming part of music history takes talent, no doubt. But being in the right place at the right time also plays its own part, and prolific bassist Nate Watts has a perfect score on both counts. He grew up next door to Motown Studios in its heyday, watching the one-and-only James Jamerson walk to work from his window. This proximity to musical greatness and inherent musical gifts of his own lead to an amazing career backing up some of the biggest names in soul, R&B, and funk—and he’s been Steve Wonder’s bass player ever since playing on 1976’s Songs in the Key of Life. 

Nate’s our featured guest on this week’s episode. Here, he speaks with Josh and shares many stories about his career, the artists and songs he’s played on, and what his gear preferences are along with sage advice about surviving in the business. The Bass Freq’s Podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts—subscribe so that you can hear from more intriguing and inspiring guests every week.