The Bass Freq’s Podcast, hosted by experienced recording and touring bass player Josh Paul (Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Daughtry), features in-depth discussions with some of the top bassists working today. 

Another episode of Bass Freq’s means another intimate conversation with an award-winning and influential bassist. This time, we feature Andrew Gouché, a player who cut his teeth in the church gospel band and quickly became a first-call session and touring musician for some of biggest names in soul and R&B. 

Speaking with Josh, Andrew tells stories from his early days, discusses his affection for certain gear—including his new signature products—and shares invaluable advice for working with artists and sustaining a satisfying career in a competitive industry. The Bass Freq’s Podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts—subscribe so that you can hear from more intriguing and inspiring guests every week.