The Bass Freq’s Podcast, hosted by experienced recording and touring bass player Josh Paul (Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Daughtry), features in-depth discussions with some of the top bassists working today. 

This week’s guest is Chris Chaney, a first-call player widely respected for his untouchable groove and uncanny sense for putting the notes just where they need to be. His well-earned reputation brought him from the classrooms of Berklee College and the beer-soaked floors of Los Angeles clubs to the world’s biggest stages and top recording studios, including work with Alanis Morrisette, Jane’s Addiction, Taylor Hawkins, and numerous film scores.

Speaking with Josh Paul, Chris discusses his musical journey, insights on playing and getting gigs, as well as the fun world of gear. Listen to the Bass Freq’s Podcast now, wherever you listen to podcasts, and subscribe so that you can hear from more intriguing and inspiring guests every week.