The Bass Freq’s Podcast, hosted by experienced recording and touring bass player Josh Paul (Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Daughtry), features in-depth discussions with some of the top bassists working today. 

For this week’s episode, host Josh gets on the line with Eric Fortaleza, a hard-working and conscientious bassist who’s made the long trek from Sydney, Australia to Nashville, Tennessee where his driving bass lines are matched only by his drive to strengthen his musical community. 

Speaking with Josh, Eric discusses his new non-profit organization Pitch Meeting, which provides aspiring Nashville singer-songwriters with opportunities to perform, record, and get their music heard. He also drops some great insights on playing and the gear that gets the job done. Listen to the Bass Freq’s Podcast now, wherever you listen to podcasts, and subscribe so that you can hear from more intriguing and inspiring guests every week.